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Firend of Emob squareTired of long drawn-out sales cycles, ineffective cold-calling, and spending boatloads on conference booths? We know you want direct access to our community of leading ecommerce merchants and now you can. Getting in front of an online retailer is more than half the battle, and at The Emob we hate clutter, confusion and long drawn out processes. We prefer direct and to the point communication and processes, like a bullet to. . . capisce? If you are a vendor that delivers on your promises, offers a fair and reasonable deal, and is well liked in the ecommerce community, then TheEmob is the best thing for you. Our members always talk and highlight the vendors they love.

Your client acquisition tactics: Bringing a knife to a gunfight?

What you do now: TheEmob's Vendor Program:
  • Cold emails
  • Conferences
  • Webinars
  • Cold calling
  • Referrals
  • Targeted & direct to decision makers
  • Retailer’s request to meet with you
  • You only pay for meetings that happen
  • Pre-qualified & in the market
  Welcome to GATE. Direct, one-on-one access to pre-qualified, in the market, online retailers. We GUARANTEE a 30-60 minute meeting with a senior ecommerce executives and/or decision maker. No monthly fees, only pay for meetings that happen. No more time wasters. No more ghost leads.

How it works:

  • Vendors join our "Friend of Emob" program (apply here)
    • There is a one time application & setup fee of $495 - which includes enhanced directory listing and use of "Friend of Emob" badge
  • Vendor determines amount they are willing to pay for 45 minute meeting (in-person / phone /webex) - minimum bounty is $400
  • Offer is made available to Emob members and listed in our 'members only' directory
  • Interested retailers request meeting via our site, requests are routed to vendors for approval
  • Vendor approves or declines meeting request
  • Vendors charged upon meeting approval - you only pay for meetings that occur

Become a "Friend" Today

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