The Emob Privacy Policy

This policy is effective as of October 1, 2011

Who is The Emob

The Emob is a private, B2B, community of Ecommerce merchants. The Emob is a non-profit (501c6) organization that is “by the merchants, for the merchants.” The Emob does not, and will never, take any corporate sponsorships, and is fueled 100% by Emob members’ yearly membership contribution. Emobsters, as they are referred to inside the walls of the Emob, have access to The Emob suite of benefits including, but not limited to, “Deals & Steals”, “Buying Guides”, “Price Gauges”, “Q&A”, & “Ratings & Rants”.

The Emob Initiation

Once an ecommerce merchant receives an invite into The Emob, he begins The Emob initiation process. During this process the merchant goes through The Emob debriefing, where information regarding his current ecommerce vendors is collected. All information collected during this debriefing is kept 100% confidential between The Emob management team, and that merchant. This step is vital to The Emob, especially the “Price Gauges” benefit, Emobsters receive, therefore The Emob debriefing is a requirement to all new Emob members.

Information Collected

The Emob’s collection of information is vital to its success. During the initial Emob initiation, as well as randomly throughout the course of an Emobsters membership at the Emob, The Emob team will pull information regarding merchants’ vendors and their pricing & terms they have signed. This information will include, but is not limited to, a merchants current vendor, his cost to use that vendor, and the terms that that merchant has signed on to.

Sensitive Information

The Emob team understands the value of this information, and takes privacy very seriously. The Emob will never show individual merchant data, but rather will display aggregate information. Therefore merchants are never violating their vendor pricing terms, as they are not sharing the information publicly. Emob members information is 100% with The Emob. Are foundation is set on privacy and security, as we know that our success is reliant on keeping information secure, and using that information to benefit our members.

Use of Information

The information collected from Emob members is used throughout the host of Emob benefits. Aggregate vendor pricing and data is displayed in the “Price Gauge” page that Emob members have exclusive access to. After the initial Emob debriefing, members have the opportunity to ask and answer questions to and from other Emob members, as well as rate and review vendors and their services. Functionality will be built into The Emob’s ratings and reviews benefit, to allow vendors to respond to reviews.

Does The Emob ever share my information with the public?

Private Emob member information will never be shared with the public. Access to’s host of benefits will only be available to those who have been invited, paid their yearly contribution, and have been initiated into The Emob, making them official Emob members. The Emob will publish a timely newsletter, called The Enformer, which will be available to the public, and will house information and knowledge collected by The Emob team. Private individual data will never be displayed in The Enformer, and indubitably will never be displayed to the public.

Aggregate / Anonymous Display

As previously stated in this privacy clause, only aggregate data will be displayed, therefore establishing anonymity from one member to another.

Right to Opt-out

At any point during the course of an Emobsters membership, members have the ability to opt-out of membership. Members have the right to erase all of their submitted pricing data, and The Emob will do so if the member wishes. Membership contribution refund will never be issued.

Right to Change this Policy

As The Emob continues to grow, it will retain the right to change this policy at any time. The implementation of new Emob benefits and products may force us to create or change this policy. If these changes do occur, the information will be accessible to the public and all Emob members will be notified. In accordance with our opt-out guidline, members have the ability to opt-out at any time.