Merchant FAQ

How do I join?

If you’re an online retailer, click here to complete our membership signup form.

What are the benefits of membership?

In short, we enable online retailers to network and make better business decisions. We often break down our benefits into three core categories: peer guidance, vendor & market intelligence, and power networking. You can learn more about Emob merchant benefits here.

Are there different membership levels?

Yes, there are three different membership levels, ranging from $99 to $999 per month. To learn more about our membership levels, fill out our signup form here.

What qualifications do I need to join?

Our typical member is an online retailer doing between 5m and 150m in online annual revenue. Member’s who receive the most benefit from their Emob membership are forward thinking merchants looking to exponentially grow their businesses.

What data do you collect? Is it private?

Once you have joined and paid your membership contribution, you will be sent your Emob Vendor Survey. TheEmob debriefing simply collects data on who are your current vendors, vendors you’ve used in the past, and vendors you’re currently considering.

Do you offer a free trial membership?

The Emob does not offer any free trial memberships. Once logged-in to, you will have access to a host of exclusive data and knowledge, therefore offering a free-trial would not be for the greater benefit of TheEmob Community.

I’m having a problem with my account, who do I contact?

Any and all support questions or concerns should be sent to