Vendor Program – Friend of Emob

The Emob's Friend of Emob vendor program allows ecommerce solution providers the opportunity to engage with our merchant community. Currently consisting of over 40 vendor partners, the program facilitates initial introductions and meetings between Emob merchant members and technology vendors. If you're an ecommerce solution provider, you can click here to apply or learn more about the Friend of Emob program.

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Selected Friends of Emob

currency and foreign exchange management
email marketing
personalization, cart abandonment, recommendations
ratings & review, social reviews
site certification, shopper guarantee,
automatic freight auditing
sem, seo, conversion optimization,
personalization, recommendations
site certification, shopper guarantee
assisted shopping, social questions & platform
hosted ecommerce platofrm
magento & ecommerce development agency
credit card fraud management & insurance
social commerce
site search, faceted search,
credit card fraud management
email marketing, data enhancement,
seo, sem, conversion optimization, marketing services
conversion optimization, social commerce
social commerce toolbar & more
international fulfillment & logistics
systems integrations, website development & maintenance, magento development
cse, datafeed & marketplace mgmt
international payments
fulfillment & dropshipping solutions
foregin exchange & currency services
website development & maintenance, magento implementations
credit card verification & fraud prevention
tag management
price scraping & automated repricing
site development & maintenance, magento developers
personalization, recommendation, cart abandonment
social product recommendations
site feedback, customer surveys
email service provider
customer engagement & negotiation
application development & technology integration
product rating & reviews
cart abandonment
Executive Recruiters & Headhunters
Revel Interactive
full service analytics
email marketing agency
extended warranties
automated freight auditing & refunds
retargeting, cart abandonment
Social platform, loyalty, social login, contests
mobile site & app development
sem, marketing svces